Friday, August 28, 2009

Miss Mylan

Just a warning, if you aren't sitting down already you should.  This little girl is about to take your breath away with her beauty.  Miss Mylan recently turned 8 and made the decision to be baptized.  Unfortunately her mom was extremely ill that day and missed out on most of this special event.  I know this was hard for her as well as Mylan, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of creating a special memory for the two of them to share by taking these pictures.  I'm not sure how much time they spent together getting ready before I arrived, but from what I could tell it was a bunch.  As we took pictures they were able to laugh together, and her mom was able to fuss over her and the way she looked for over an hour.  The location was beautiful, the light was magical and Mylan was stunning, but the best part was seeing the love that they share for each other.  Her mom was so proud as she looked on, not only of her beauty, but of the person she has chosen to become.  Thank you for letting me share in this night.  It was truly a privilege.




Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

AHHH! Those are SOOO Beautiful! She is a doll and the background--where were you at? I hope we are near when my girls are 8!

Shan said...[Reply to comment]

Those are so pretty..she is a cute girl and I cannot believe the background..she just glows in that white dress..she is so cute.. You did a good job again!!

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