Monday, August 17, 2009


Little Doop received the Roadmaster as a gift for his 2nd birthday from his grandparents, and a whole year later his slacker parents finally put it together (poor kid!).  I had no idea how much he would love this wagon and what a common source of fun this would become for him and Lou.  On most nights Lou pulls Doop around the neighborhood in the wagon while he wears her MP3 player on his head singing really loud.  They have no idea how cute they are together and how comical it is to see (and hear!) them making laps.  This is not something I will soon forget, and I hope they don't either.


terri said...[Reply to comment]

Marv, Thanks for the link to your blog. I love it. Have you taken photography classes, or are you self-taught? I would love some tips, any tips.

Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

His dimples are the BEST! I love them. They are so cute. I wish I could see them, I bet it is hilarious.

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