Sunday, September 27, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

We have been on a mission for the last 4 months (okay maybe more than that) to potty train Doop.  I have tried everything and have been at my wits end trying to get this little boy to use the bathroom.  After many attempts, bribes, and offers I thought he couldn't resist I was ready to give in to the fact that this was Mission Impossible.  I had finally come to the conclusion that I would sooner than later be sending him to school with a diaper on, attending his graduation from high school still carrying a diaper bag, and trying to convince some lovely young lady that indeed as his wife she could change his diapers too, and suddenly this past week little Doop decided he wanted to be a big boy and we went from Mission Impossible to Mission Accomplished!  I finally decided to get a game plan that everyone could consistently follow by setting a timer for every hour and a half and he learned that when it went off it was time to go on the potty.  Crazy thing, it worked!  From the beginning we told him that if he could stop wearing diapers we would allow him to shoot the last diaper box with the BB gun (of course supervised by his dad- this is not an endorsement to let your kids shoot guns by the way) and it has stuck with him for all this time.  So, after all of my bribing and offering of expensive rewards for him to use the potty he did it this week willingly in exchange for shooting the gun, a bag of candy corn, and his very own flashlight.  Who knew it could be that simple???  Because this has been such a long drawn out process (which I will never have to do again I might add!) I feel like I need to thank a few folks.  To Grandma Rue, thank you for your persistence and various methods to keep Doop headed in the right direction to using the potty.  Thank you to Grandpa Marvin for consoling Doop when the rest of us became so frustrated.  Thank you to Grandma Pat for your perseverance and willingness to dry the carpet, clean the tile and dry his pants again and again.  Thank you to Justin for being such a big boy example to your cousin (a little peer pressure never hurt in this situation!).  Thank you to Seej for racing your brother to the bathroom this entire past week.  I love that he is so competitive!  Thank you to Lou for celebrating with Doop when he went on the potty.  He looks up to you so much.  Thank you Dr. Phil for your potty training video.  It didn't work at our house, but I've heard it has done wonders for so many others.  Thank you to Luvs for having my kids' backsides over the past 8 years.  We have definitely donated a lot of money to your company.  You have done a superb job at making a great product that is affordable and comfortable (maybe a little too comfortable if you now what I mean!).  Thank you to Spiderman.  Not only are you Doop's hero, but you are my hero as well.  I don't know what we would do if he didn't have your action figure on his underwear (Thomas the Train just wasn't cool enough!).  Last but not least, thank you little Doop for trying again and again and finally achieving the goal.  You stuck with all of us crazy's and survived our frustration and various methodology.  I am so proud of you, and although it is sad that you are no longer my "baby", you will technically always be my baby no matter how old you are and what stage of life you're in.  Thumbs up Doop, you did awesome!



Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

YEAH! That is a Big accomplishment for all of you. Very very cute pics too, those are priceless!

Scott said...[Reply to comment]

BB guns work well!!!! Good job! We bought our nephew a BB gun for getting rid of his binkie at 5! So cute!!! love ya Rach

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