Tuesday, September 1, 2009


A couple of years ago we decided to buy a horse for our kids so we could all go riding together.  This was when we first met Rio.  Rio is a great horse, and he gives the kids so many opportunities to learn since owning a horse is a big responsibility.  He is old and wise and loves the kids.  He takes such good care of them including little Doop who has been riding all by himself for the last year.  Seej takes the learning experience seriously, at least the riding part anyway.  She is slowly learning how to work with Rio to get him to do the things she wants.  Lou on the other hand gets frustrated very easily although she is a natural when it comes to riding, but her patience does not match Rio's (thank goodness he has more than she does!), and eventually she ends up riding behind Seej.  I think out of the 3 kids though, little Doop loves Rio the most.  I mean he really loves him, and I love to watch them together.  He is in his element when he is riding like he was meant to be in the saddle.  He is a non-stop talker chatting with Rio about the birds, and the garden while Rio patiently walks in large circles to keep Doop happy.  The fun doesn't stop for him there.  Feeding and watering are also a part of the experience that he enjoys, and last but certainly not least, cleaning up after Rio is one of his favorite things to do.  He savors every minute that he spends with Rio whether he is riding or just hanging out close by.  I love that they have this opportunity to not only learn how to take care of this horse but to love him as well, and I know they will always remember him as "our friend Rio". 




Shan said...[Reply to comment]

I love that last picture...they are all so cute, but what a shot! You certainly have a knack (sp) for photography!! Doop..is darling.. I love the facial expressions!

Scott said...[Reply to comment]

How do you continually do this? I am surprised every time!

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