Monday, September 14, 2009

Soccer Saturday

My girls started soccer season this past Saturday, and oh how Doop wishes he could play too. The girls are both on great teams this year, but they also have the same uniform which is a little confusing. Lou's coach is actually one of my old friends from high school and her little girl plays on the team too. It was fun watching them play together and Lou scored her first goal of this season! Seej has an awesome coach as well, and she had the opportunity to play goalie for the first time. I'm not sure if she liked it or not. All she kept saying was "it was hot" thanks to the jersey they have to wear when they play that position. They will both have a chance to learn a lot this year, and it is fun to see how much they have improved. As for Doop, he will continue to cheer with me on the sidelines for the next couple of years while wearing the girls' old uniforms dreaming of the day when he actually gets to step on the field!




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