Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weber High Football

Weber High Homecoming Football Game 2009.  What a great opportunity to be on the sidelines taking pictures.  My brother-in-law just happens to be one of the coaches and allowed me an up close and personal look at how he spends his time with these kids.  It has been such a long time since I have been at Weber High School and I was reminded of so many things.  First of all, I love athletics and have participated in them myself for a big chunk of my life, but being around the crowd, the team, the cheerleaders and coaches made me think of my own high school years and what it meant to participate in whatever way that was at events like this.  I thought about the role that each of us played, the athlete, the smart student, the popular kid, the musician, etc... and even though we were all so different we did have one thing in common.  Each of us had a hero.  I think in many cases we were each others heroes and we just never knew it because we didn't dare to say that someone different from who we were could be someone we could look up to.  We did all have a place that we fit, we just didn't know it at the time, and the mixture of all of us was what made high school so great.  It was fun to be in the middle of the kids and their school spirit.  It was fun to watch them dance together, laugh together and cheer for a common cause.  They each played their part in contributing to a victory for not just the football team, but for the whole school.  Each of them played an important role from the bleachers to the sideline to the field itself, and who can forget my hard working brother-in-law who is so excellent with the kids as well as the other coaches, little water boys and medical staff.  It takes such an effort on behalf of so many to make something like this happen let alone be successful.  I love teamwork, and I saw it  last night in action in more ways than one.  Thank you Jason.  I had a great time!





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That is awesome, very well said! Nice pics too!

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