Thursday, October 22, 2009

1 Hour

I'm a working mom.  Every day I get my kids off where they need to be and then head to my job.  It is hard, and something that I have always struggled with.  I feel so much guilt over not being able to spend more time with my kids doing the things that "normal" families do.  Today was like any other day until I arrived at Grandma's house to pick up my kids.  As soon as I pulled into the driveway they came running out of the house so excited that I had finally arrived.  They had spent a considerable amount of time helping Grandma to rake the leaves into a large pile to play in, but the best part was that they were waiting for me to play with them.  For one hour before the sun went down I played with my kids outside in the leaves.  For one hour they laughed and screamed and thought up so many crazy ideas that we could do together.  For one hour they specifically asked me to capture them acting out their crazy ideas with my camera.  You would think by now that they would be sick of me constantly taking their picture, but they loved it.  For one hour I forgot about the things weighing on my mind.  For one hour I enjoyed watching them get along and have fun together.  For one hour I was reminded that although I would really like to not have to go to work and miss out on time with them, the important thing is that when we do get time together that we make it quality time.  Maybe we are "normal".  Maybe I just need to focus more on the one hour time slots that do come up when we can spend time together.  It doesn't take a lot of time to create memories.  We did it tonight in one hour.  The best hour of my day!


Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

Those are precious! And you are right, I am glad you make the most of the time you have. I could learn from that, sometimes I spend the whole day with them and then at the end of the day wonder if I even "spent" 30 min. with them.

Shan said...[Reply to comment]

Those are great pictures..and it is true about quality instead of quantity.. I have done both worlds and neither is easy!! The leaves were great..Love Fall!

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