Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Apple Tree Journey

Once upon a time there was a little boy who wanted to visit the apple tree near Grandma's house.  He had seen his sisters visit the tree in the spring and he remembered its beauty.  

So the little boy and his mom headed out to visit the lonely apple tree.  He brought one of his guns just in case they happened to run into a fierce enemy or a wild beast.  The scenery on the way was much different than he remembered.  It was no longer green and lush, but showing every sign of fall.  

They stopped along the way to enjoy the beautiful things that they regularly passed by and appreciated their beauty.  

At last they reached the apple tree, and it also looked much different than he remembered.  There were bright red shiny apples covering the tree in place of the blossoms, and there were oh so many to choose from.  

At last he spied the one he wanted most, and he approached the tree to finally pluck it from the branch.  

Once he had removed his target he took a moment to contemplate his decision regarding his selection.

It didn't take long for him to determine that this was an excellent choice!

He allowed his mom a glimpse at his prize before tasting his most wanted treat.  

A rub of the apple on his shirt and he was finally ready to satisfy his craving.  

Finally, he indulged himself with the first bite.  Would it be all that he hoped?

Wow!  He hadn't expected that the apple would be quite this tart.  With disappointment on his face he spits it out  on the ground, and angrily tells his mom he wants to go back home.  

As they head for home he is curious about what is left of the once green milkweeds and takes his frustration over the sour apple out on the unsuspecting victim below.  

But to his amazement the lifeless milkweed spits it's cottony filling right back at him and the slight breeze holds it in midair right in front of his eyes.  He is mesmerized by it's beauty despite his violence and quickly asks his mom if she witnessed the same sight.  

He also notices all of the other beautiful things around him that this season has brought.  He and his mom move in close to count the many colors covering the ground.

They take a minute to examine the sky and pale background that displays the colors so well.  

They count the berries on the tree, and suddenly he is happy again.  The sour apple is all but forgotten.  

As they reach Grandma's house once again (only a few yards away from the lonely apple tree) he is pleased with their trip and telling his mom about all of his favorite parts.  The moral of the story?  Sometimes the joy is in the journey and not necessarily the destination, and sometimes the joy is simply in sharing the journey with someone you love.  Even a short journey is better when you're in good company.  I know his mom enjoyed it, for he is truly the keeper of her heart!  


Shane and Geana said...[Reply to comment]

You are an amazing photographer and quite a wonderful story teller also! I was captivated.

Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

I LOVE Your Blog! I was so excited to see a new post. And was even more delighted as I read it. So awesome---I knew you were awesome but I didn't know all that I am learning!!! I love the fall and the apples it brings. :)

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