Saturday, October 3, 2009

Crazy Town! (Part II)

I decided to get together with my niece and her boys again to see if we could get a picture of all 4 of them together looking at the camera.  Three of them were okay with doing this and one was not.  He just seems to actually be afraid of the camera.  We tried several times before enlisting the help of their Grandpa and finding a place that they felt comfortable and would hold still in.  Just like my little boy they love Grandpa's old truck, and with the combination of the truck, Grandpa and some popsicles I think we may have done it.  I had to share several of the pictures we got because these boys were so funny.  Just when I thought we would get one something just wouldn't work out.  That's the way life is though, right?  Not perfect, but so worth it!

Oh no.  They are crying and we just started!

Finally the one who is afraid of the camera is looking, but the other three are not.

I had to put this one in.  It is one of my favorites.  Look closely at all four boys.  I love all of their expressions and how you can tell exactly what each one is thinking.  So funny!

Oh no.  All are sitting down, but looking the wrong way.

You got it.  Foiled again with a hand in front of a face!

Wait.  Could it be?  I think it is.  Success!  

And last but not least.  The elusive one!  Gotcha!


Shan said...[Reply to comment]

Thanks so much again!! These are great.. I love the feet one.. creative! I am so grateful you spent so much time.. sorry it took so long and was so hard.. Luke just doesn't like the camera!! Good thing for gpa's truck! Thanks again!

Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

those are so cute too. I do love the one of their feet too. She could have that on her wall forever! Very very cute.

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