Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Little Creeps

This is our official Halloween post one day late!  I had to share some pics of my little creeps in their costumes.  First of all let me introduce our Storm Trooper.  Little Doop was originally going to be a ghost, but then the Wal-Mart ad arrived at our house and he noticed his favorite superhero Spiderman and he instantly changed his mind and wanted this costume.  Then he saw the GI Joe Ninja costume and he switched to wanting it "soooo bad".  This lasted until he was at Wal-Mart where they were completely out of ninja costumes and he saw the Storm Trooper and had to have it.  So here he is.  There is only one picture of him with the mask on since it completely smashed his nose and made his eyes water.  Notice it is also crooked in this picture.  I couldn't expect perfection when the poor kid had to suffer, right?

The next 3 pictures are his response to me asking him to pose for me.  The first one? Not so bad.  He even looks a little tough like he is getting ready for battle.

The second one?  Not sure what he's thinking here.  He has lost most of the intimidating factor here looking more confused like maybe he should re-think entering the battle at all!

And the third one?  Oh my.  Is he a Storm Trooper, or The Thinker?  I don't know where he comes up with this stuff!

Next up is Pirate Lou.  This picture of her actually creeps me out a bit.  I'm not sure if it is the plastic knife, or the dimple combined with that look in her eye.  This is the Lou that rears her mischievous little head and silently waits for just the right moment to try and do something without getting caught.  Trust me I know.  I've seen her before without the pirate getup.  She's up to no good here!

Last but not least is Seej the China girl.  So, I'm not a makeup artist and she does have blonde hair.  Use your imagination!

After a quick visit to see the family and a bit of trick or treating the kids made cookies with Grandma Pat and Aunt Pam.  Homemade cookies, frosting and sprinkles, mmmm.  It was a good Halloween.


Shan said...[Reply to comment]

Cute costumes.. I was hoping to get over to Gma's and see ya there..but we didn't get to either. The kids had the trunk or treat at 4 (way too early to want to stay in their costumes too long).. but, maybe next year! Your pictures are cute! Doop is so cute!

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