Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I had the great opportunity to go on a fieldtrip with Seej today to the Clark Planetarium. I have to say this was all new to me since I have never been before. Seej and I and four other girls spent the day together learning about the planets, the moon and the stars. It was wondrous! The 3D movie was our favorite by far, and I did get some great images of the different sites within the Planetarium. I caught some fun ones of Seej with her friends too. Fun spending time with my girl and fun learning new things. I really need to get out more!


Shan said...[Reply to comment]

I haven't been on in forever it seems, the pictures of Doop with his tuxedo is to die for.. it is hilarious.. the girls will treasure those pictures forever.. You are good to keep your camera out and capture all of those small, but precious moments. I need to do better! It looks like you guys had fun on the field trip too!

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