Monday, January 11, 2010

Grandpa Marvin

Grandpa Marvin had a birthday! The kids made him their very own special homemade birthday cards. As you can imagine he loved each one. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to spend another year with this man. My children would be lost without him, and I appreciate so much the example that he is to me in so many ways. We live in fragile days, and Grandpa is fragile too, so we will spend all the time we can making memories with him. From listening to his stories, to the wild west shoot outs, to the walks down the road with Doop in his lap. We will treasure every minute of it and remember these days forever. We love you Grandpa Marvin. We love your support on the sidelines at soccer, and that you still do your best to turn the jumprope, and the fact that you are a best friend to all of us. We love your love of tools, your encouragement to try harder, and how you can't wait to spend time with us. You are a good man and we love you. Nope we couldn't ask for more in a Grandpa. Happy Birthday!

Here are the two gunslingers together. This is how you will find the two of them most days. Hanging out during the day taking the bad guys out one cowboy movie at a time ALL day long! (Doop's face is a little red in this picture. He smacked his forehead with the gun right before the picture was taken. Don't give him too much grief. He is still a cowboy in training!)

Credit goes to Doop on the next two pictures. I let him snap the next two very carefully with my camera. I think he did pretty good, don't you?

He managed to get most of Grandma Rue's face in the picture!

And what has this started for little Doop? A new addiction! I guess he won't just be shooting a gun anymore! He is totally obsessed. We'll see what comes out of his camera next!


Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

Oh I love this post. How cute, those pics are priceless. That is awesome that he loves taking pics, some kids are really good at it. :) I hope Gpa had a great day.

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