Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Return

The blue sky returned today. It seems like forever since we've seen it. My thoughts are scattered. I attended the funeral of a man who has been dear to my family for more years than I can count. He was kind and gentle and as tough as they come. I don't really like funerals, but his was different for me. This man had the opportunity to spend 99 years on this earth and he didn't waste a single second. I was impressed at the people who came to pay their respects and the diversity of those who attended. Clearly he cared for people because of who they were holding aside judgements in every way. This was something I already knew, but I didn't understand the enormity of it until I saw a group of people come together that in other instances wouldn't. They came because they knew how much he cared about them and how important he made them feel. He had mastered the gift of true friendship and those within his grasp reaped the rewards. The thing that impressed me most was the words spoken by his daughter. She told stories about the things she remembered doing with him and of the things that he taught her, but the thing that she said she would never forget were the words that he repeated to her each time she visited. He would tell her he loved her and to be safe in her travels because he didn't know what he would do without her. He would touch her softly on her arm each time and then she would be on her way. This tender interaction was shared over and over each time they parted. What a wonderful memory for a daughter to hold on to. She remembers not only the words, but the way that he said it and more than that the way it made her feel when he did. This made me stop and wonder what my children will remember. Am I saying and doing things that will impress upon their hearts how much I love them? Will they remember feeling special? I truly hope so. I will make a better effort to follow the example of this generous man. My life is better because I knew him. My thought pattern is different because of his example, and the blue sky returned today.


Scott and Rachel said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful, your words and the picture.

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