Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Contest Campaigning

Last week I entered a contest to win a photography mentoring session with Brooke Snow who is an amazing photographer in Cache Valley. She is fantastically talented and willing to share her knowledge with one lucky winner of this contest. There are nearly 100 contestants who love photography and she is choosing the winner based on the number of votes that each contestant receives between now and Sunday, Feb. 28th at midnight. Only one vote is allowed per computer, and our task is to now share our story about photography and why we would love to win. Those of you who know me know that I am passionate about photography. I am looking for more information about it everywhere I go. I even study commercials on t.v. and think about the different angles and techniques the camera men are using to gain their desired outcome. The truth is I just absolutely love it. It is sickening how much I love it. My girls have a saying hanging in their room that says, "Wish It, Dream It, Do It". I have always been more of a Nike slogan "Just Do It" type girl myself, but I have to tell you that I have been wishing and dreaming of many things pertaining to photography for quite some time. Since we encourage big dreaming around this house I like to include myself in that as well, and I have had an absolute fabulous time capturing the day to day events of our simple life. I appreciate everything so much more when I am looking through my lens since it means paying that much more attention to what I'm trying to capture. I would love this opportunity to take things one step further and soak up even more information about how to improve and move to the next level.

When I received the news that the contest was going to be based off of votes my first thoughts took me back to high school. I never ran for a student body office position, but I remember the tactics taken by those who did to solicit votes. So, with that being said my supporters and I thought we might as well have a little fun with this. My little campaign managers came up with posters to solicit your votes. They love to encourage my dream, and they are such great supporters. Just look at their dedication and creativity!

I am asking you now to please click here and vote for me. I guess I should say vote for us since this really is a team effort on our whole family's part. Regardless of whether I win this opportunity or not I want you to know that I won't leave my future up to chance. I will reach my goals, but this would be an extremely wonderful opportunity. Thanks in advance! If you can't tell we've had a great time competing!


Lindsey said...[Reply to comment]

Hey! I just wanted to let you know I voted for you!

Lindsey said...[Reply to comment]

ohhhh! And I just realized I have two computers. Shhhhhh. Don't tell Brooke. :)

Scott and Rachel said...[Reply to comment]

I am so happy you have started doing this for real!!!!!!

Jean Smith said...[Reply to comment]

such cute pics! i just voted...GOOD LUCK!

Amber said...[Reply to comment]

Dear Marvett,

I think you deserve this opportunity. You have my vote.



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