Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Winding Down

The winter is starting to wind down, and I can't say that I'm sad. I am not a fan of the cold. We decided to head over the mountain to witness the beauty of winter one last time before it melts away. We found a good spot and went for a short walk. Of course I had my camera and a blanket to bundle Seej in to take a few quick shots. It was so beautiful, and although she wasn't really in the mood for taking pictures, it's not surprising that she was beautiful as well. See you again next year winter.


Scott and Rachel said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful, but you are up way to early in the morning!

Keith said...[Reply to comment]

Great pics!

Amber said...[Reply to comment]

Gorgeous, just gorgeous.

My question is--do you have to drag your daughter out to take these great shots? She sure makes a great model.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...[Reply to comment]

Hey!! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!
And oh wow! You're pics are BEAUTIFUL! As pretty as snow can be, I sure do hate the stuff. =)
I am determined that someday, I will buy a really nice camera so I can take awesome pictures like this!... after I figure out how to use the camera that is....

Smith Family said...[Reply to comment]

wow, i really like these! that second one is stunning!

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