Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Grandma Rue

We celebrated Grandma Rue's birthday today. We woke up to snow. Snow in April, and a lot of it. It's crazy how the weather changes. I surprised my mom by taking the day off of work and spending it with her. I took her to my friends salon to get her hair done and then off to a lunch date. She deserves the pampering. She spends all of her time taking care of my dad who has health issues, and doesn't get out often. It is difficult for her, and it is difficult for my dad. Watching the two of them endure the challenges they have faced has been very beneficial for me. Although they both suffer different consequences from their circumstances they continue on loving one another and dealing with it. I have been thinking about my relationship with my mom throughout this past week. During my years at home I can't say that we really got along that well. I think it was mostly due to the relationships that each of us had with my dad, and now that he has health problems he has ultimately brought us closer together. It's funny how life works, but I'm grateful that our relationship is better now. It really was fun spending the day with her, and she amazes me with all of the things she accomplishes at age 76. She is a worker, a stalwart, and a wonderful example of perseverance. I'm grateful that my children have the opportunity to be close to her, to learn from her, and to know of her love for them. I love her too.

I'm glad it snowed on her birthday. It will help me remember how special it was forever.


Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

I am glad you pampered her! She does deserve it! :)

Amber said...[Reply to comment]

Marvett, this is beautiful. Relationships certainly evolve and change as people evolve and change. I bet that your mother really appreciated everything you two did that day.

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