Sunday, May 2, 2010


It seems that our past week has been the week of adjustments. Although it is supposedly officially spring here we have seen the whole spectrum of weather from sunshine to rain, to hail, and to snow. It seems that Mother Nature just can't decide on what mood she is in. Besides that school is starting to wind down, and the girls are excited to say the least to be done for another year. They are looking forward to summer and all the fun that comes with it. JM was also released from his church calling last week which means much more together time for our family. This is probably the biggest adjustment of all. The kids and I are pretty excited to spend more time with all of us together. I really don't think I realized just how much each of us has missed him.

In other news Lou started tennis this past week. More about this including pictures coming to the blog soon, and Doop will officially be on his own soccer team starting in the fall. He cannot wait! Frankly, I can't wait to watch him play either. As for Seej, she has her own exciting happenings going on at school, which I will hopefully be sharing here soon as well.

As I was thinking about our adjustments this week, I couldn't help but notice the beauty that the adjustments of time and the crazy weather have had on our surroundings. It's amazing to me how beautiful things become when they endure and embrace change. Weathering the storms is just one more opportunity for us to grow and blossom, and ultimately become even more beautiful! And with that I leave you with a full heart, and the beauty of my week. It really has been a good one!


Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

Congrats on some of those changes! Hope you enjoy it while it lasts. Love the pics!

Keith said...[Reply to comment]

I really liked the story. The pics were nice. Keep it up!

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