Monday, May 31, 2010


I had the exciting opportunity to attend the Casual Blogger Conference this past Friday and Saturday, and I met so many amazing and talented people. I really didn't comprehend how big the blogging world is until seeing it with my own eyes this weekend. It was fun to be in the midst of so many extremely creative women and to hear about their journeys, and why blogging is important to them. I learned so much about blogging, photography, and life in general not to mention the fact that I had a ton of fun with my good friend Mandee. I was finally able to put a face with several people that I often talk to online through my blog. Like Amber from Making the Moments Count, and Serene from Serene Is My Name Not My Life. I also met Charlotte from Memories For Later. These women are all amazing writers who brighten my day with their gift of words, and they have become my friends through the internet.

I also met some new people who I was extremely impressed with, and again I learned so much from their perspective on life. They have the gift of sharing food including recipes and AMAZING photos. I think the food photography course was by far my favorite! I learned so much more about photography, and it was fun to see food in a new perspective. These women were Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod, and Quinn from Limelight Food Photography. I will never look at food the same after talking to these two!

There were a couple of other highlights from the conference for me. Courtney Kendrick from C Jane Enjoy It was the final speaker. She is absolutely amazing! From her writing to her speaking skills I was completely captivated. She is Nie's sister as well, and it was a great experience to hear more about their family and the relationship that they share. Finally, one of my other very favorite portions of the conference was listening to Dallas Peterson who is a producer for The Mormon Messages. After sharing one of the messages with the conference attendees he took a minute to talk about blogging, and how each and every one of us has an opportunity to share through this medium. We can all share our light, and the talents and truths we possess. This really hit me. Prior to this conference I didn't personally know any of these people, yet I visit them each week through the internet. Each of them brings something positive to my life, and each has something different to offer. I loved what Dallas had to say, and he is right. You just never know who you might be affecting by the simple things you do, and by sharing who you are. And more than that by sharing your light!


Maria said...[Reply to comment]

Your photos are stunning. I am so glad I sat by you in one of the workshops. CBC was a lot of fun. I am glad we were able to meet up!

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