Friday, May 28, 2010

Tile Trials

Last week Seej attended the Math Olympiad representing her school, and competed against 5 other groups of students from different schools in the county in her grade. Her specific event was the Tile Trials. What are Tile Trials? Each student was given 10 numbered tiles as well as a sheet of math problems in which each tile was utilized once to complete each problem correctly, thus making it a true statement. For each sheet of problems that the students were given, they were allowed a 2 minute time period to complete them. If this goal was accomplished, the team was given a point. This was repeated with 4 different sheets. Seej and her partner met the goal on all 4 occasions acquiring 4 points. However, two other teams also met the task, and a tie-breaker was required to determine placement. Seej and her partner completed their final sheet in the least amount of time, and ultimately were rewarded with the gold medal. Since her grade was the last to compete for the day there were quite a few cheerleaders from her school on the sideline to encourage and congratulate her. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be there. She practiced diligently with the tiles and sheets that her teacher provided, and her efforts definitely paid off. It was fun to watch her in action, and more fun to watch her win. Nice job Seej!


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