Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Key

So lately I've been doing A LOT of thinking. In fact, I'm tired of thinking. Does this ever happen to you? I am trying to make some decisions about my life, and it seems that it has all become a jumbled up mess in my head. I can't seem to figure out what the right path is, but I also can't seem to shut off the dreadful nagging of the thoughts stirring around in my head. I hope I can make some decisions soon, or at least take a vacation and get my head clear. Anyway, all this thinking has been dragging me down, and so today I decided to do something fun with the kids to subside the dread at least for an hour or two. (I took this picture of Doop yesterday while I was thinking. He looks like he's thinking too, right? Actually, I really don't know what he's doing, but I thought it went well with my thoughts. I know, I'm stretching. I really need to get out of this rut!)

So today when I was trying to decide what to do with the kids, I remembered a time last year when my little Lou was struggling. She had to go through several rounds of testing last year to diagnose a medical problem. It required having her blood taken every few weeks, and each time the next round of testing was coming around she would begin worrying about having her arm poked. She started thinking about how painful it would be, and she would work herself into a panic well before it was even time to go to the clinic. She was scared, and like me her brain wouldn't shut off. So, we came up with a plan for Lou. Each time that she attended her testing and was brave and didn't cry, I would take her out for ice cream afterwards. Wow did she ever come through with her end of the bargain. You see, ice cream is the key to Lou's heart. She loves it, and even more than that she loved the opportunity for just her and I to get ice cream together. I'm not sure that it stopped her thinking in advance, but it sure helped her feel better after. I decided today that if it worked for her, maybe it could work for me too.

With this in mind we headed off for the ice cream shop, but the difference in this trip was that we headed off together. I figured that the ice cream would make me feel better, but I didn't think about the combination of the ice cream with my little herd. It started out innocent enough.

But a few bites of instant sugar to the system, and Doop started going. Don't let him fool you here. His eyes have that "not guilty" look but he was a giggling mess, and when he is a giggling mess, that means that Lou is a giggling mess also.

Okay, I know you can see it now. All innocence is lost in this one. Although everyone remained seated, it was a little out of control.

And ultimately, the many faces of Doop came out. Yes this is my boy, and yes I love him. I love the other two yahoos too because just as Lou's fears were soothed by ice cream last year, my thinking cap quit working during the time we spent in the ice cream shop today thanks to the ice cream and these antics.

And so I have to concur with Lou. Ice cream is the key to happiness! Well, maybe it's really spending time with the ones you love, but it sure doesn't hurt as an added bonus!


Josh and Kandice said...[Reply to comment]

Cute pics of your adorable kids! Ice cream does it for me, too. I hope you get some answers soon and the thinking will shut off. I hate when stuff takes over your brain and you can't think of anything else. I hope you feel better soon, just keep praying.:)

Shan said...[Reply to comment]

Doop is just hilarious! I hope you can clear your head and feel better!.. it is always nice to get out with your little ones!

Scott and Rachel said...[Reply to comment]

Hey babes, we will be in Island Park from the 26th to the 5th. We would love to have you for a few days. Seeing as how you need a vacation and all.

Lindsey said...[Reply to comment]

:). I've been having a thinking problem too I didn't know ice cream would solve it!. :) You are an awesome mom, by the way.

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