Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Best Kind of Happiness

My little man is growing up so fast. On Sunday I was watching him play through the window and decided that I should join him. It won't be long before this phase in his life has passed, and I will miss watching him ride his Bigwheel. Watching him reminds me of when I was little. I remember playing the same games that he enjoys playing now. Pretending there are stoplights, driving to the store, and madly racing the other imaginary cars around the driveway. Watching him do these things brings a smile to my face. These are the times that I want to put in a bottle and save for him forever. I'm glad he is here to help slow my life down, and remind me of the things that are most important. Like listening to him make motorcycle sounds while he rides, and crashing wildly into the garage, or playing baseball with him and listening to him giggle as he runs around the bases. My favorite part is when he has laughed so hard and so long that he finally has to take a break and go inside to use the bathroom. These are the best days, and I love sharing them with him. It's the best kind of happiness.


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