Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Saw Beauty

I saw beauty today. It was in my mom's homemade banana cream pie that she so willingly shared with me after work.

I saw it in my girl Lou and her magical art skills that turned the driveway into a masterpiece.

I even noticed it in her artsy tools.

I noticed it in this girl as she leaned in to spy on me while I was spying on Lou.

And I took advantage of her spying to capture her beauty.

I even saw beauty in this punk with the stern face. I saw it and it melted my heart.

I saw a long legged muscular beauty in the road who was flexing and shouting "Firepower!"

And then I turned around and noticed the milkweeds. They were gorgeous! There was beauty everywhere. Did you see it? I plan to notice it again tomorrow.


Sidney said...[Reply to comment]

love your positive attitude! we also love to say "firepower." :)

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