Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmas Cards

It has been one busy week around this house. We have been preparing for Christmas, and attending parties in addition to our regular rigorous schedule of non-stop racing the clock. It has been hectic, but we have added a dose of fun in the mix here and there and that has made it much more bearable. Our main project from this past week was getting the annual Christmas Card prepped and ready for mailing.

We send Christmas Cards out every year, and every year that we've sent them the picture only includes the kids. This year I honestly had the best of intentions to take our own family photo to use on our cards. Several things kept this from becoming a reality. Time (lack of it). Weather (when we finally did have time it was raining or snowing!). Time (coordinating a chunk when we were actually all together). Equipment (I did get a remote control for my camera, but I did it too late in the year). Time (as you can tell my time is limited and therefore the card needs to be complete by the beginning of December in order for me to get it mailed out. Our month just gets busier the more we get into it. It's kind of like a freight train. Once it gets moving it's hard to slow down!). Needless to say this year's card will display a picture of the kids alone once again. I swear next year I will do better. I'm hoping my life has slowed down a little by then. :) For our card this year I decided to use an image from late summer. I like it for many reasons which you can read about here, but I also wanted this year's card to be bright and colorful.

I was sort of hoping to use a custom card template this year as well, but you guessed it time just got away from me once again. Instead I ended up using a template from Snapfish. It was quick, easy and painless. I should put a disclaimer here though. If you end up actually receiving a card from us in the mail, please know that my children aren't as pale as they look on the card. I'm not sure why it printed the way it did, but the hooligans look extremely anemic in the photo and they aren't, nor does my original picture look that way. Once again I'm out of time and the goods are already here so we're going with it.

So these will officially be in the mailbox tomorrow, and just in case you don't happen to get one of these in the mail we want to wish you peace, love and joy as well.

See here they are in this photo. Peace. Love. And Joy. At least that's what I try and tell myself. It sounds better than Beauty. Beast. And Buttslapper. Just sayin'. Truth be known, I love them either way!


Ashley Sisk said...[Reply to comment]

Your Christmas cards are so fun and happy! Love it.

Marla said...[Reply to comment]

Love the card! Came to your site through the Willette Joy Forum.

Staci and Damon said...[Reply to comment]

Too cute! I also came rom the Willette Finding Joy forum.

Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Love your blog!! I love your pictures here and in the Willette class.

Jen Vesper said...[Reply to comment]

Cute cute stuff!

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