Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Living in the Moment

I am off this week with the hooligans for Christmas break. I usually take this week off of work every year, and I look forward to it for months in advance. It's our special time to do whatever we want for one full week. This usually includes staying up late, sleeping in, watching movies, playing games, baking cookies, building snowmen, and whatever else we want. It is freedom, and we love it! Usually when Christmas has passed I am pretty anxious about taking all of the decorations down, but this year is different. I'm in denial. I just plain don't want to do it. I'm afraid if I take the Christmas decorations down I will have to face the reality of Christmas being over, which also means that our time together is winding down. This is the part of the break that I hate. So, because I don't want the rest of our break being ruined with the lump in my gut that comes whenever I think about having to go back to work, I'm just not going to think about it. I'm going to leave our Christmas mess around as long as possible and enjoy each and every single second that we get together doing whatever we want to do. We deserve it, and I can deal with that lump in my gut on another day. It will wait. I know it will. Until then we are going to continue living it up, and working on accomplishing everything on our FUN list for this week together. It's more important than cleaning up anyway, and I need to work on living in the moment. It will do my heart some good, and besides that, how can I not want to live in the moment when we are having so many moments that look just like these?! My time is much better spent creating memories like this with the hooligans than worrying about anything that might happen tomorrow. :)


Jen Vesper said...[Reply to comment]

Marv! I love these pictures SO much! I honestly think these are my favorite pics you have taken so far. So cute!!

Amber said...[Reply to comment]

These are gorgeous. It's a rare treat when you post photos with all three of your beautiful children!

I'm with you about decorations. Of course, "decorations" in our house mean the lonesome, fake tree. We don't want to take it down because we love the lights and the ambiance it creates in the evening.

Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Love the pictures, Punkins, winter hats and scraves, you can't beat that anytime!! You are so right about the Christmas decor. I long for Christmas all year and do get a little down when it's over :( I usually leave my tree up for a week after New Years because of that, I want to extend the Christmas spirit out into my new year. It will do your heart good, the punkins too! Have some fun, enjoy! Laugh! Live!! Happy New Year to you and yours!!
PS: I hope you do get some of the camera necklaces, they are so fun and look great in person. A friend found another one called Vintage Pearl, I added the link to my blog on the right :)

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