Friday, December 31, 2010

Thank You

The end of another year has arrived. It seems that each one goes by faster and faster. This one in particular has been fast and furious. I feel like I have been running as quickly as possible and just when I think things can't get any crazier, somehow they do. This is just one of the many reasons that I wanted to say thank you. There have been many times throughout this past year when I have felt like the burden was just too much to bear. I have wanted to allow my knees to buckle under the weight that I feel, and then you nudge me to do more. You tell me you believe in me, and it helps me to continue. I want you to know how much I appreciate your support. I want you to know what a difference you make. You never know who you might be affecting when you say a kind word, or share who you are and you have done that for me. I am better because of you. So to you my friends I say thank you. To my new friends, and my old friends and those of you I have yet to meet in person. Thank you for encouraging me. Thank you for your kindness, and thank you for allowing me to be who I am. I have grown so much this year, and many of you have not only encouraged me to do so, but have supported me as well. To JM, Seej, Lou and Doop who are my biggest cheerleaders of all, I love you to the moon and back. I can't imagine my life without each of you in it. Thank you for loving me. My heart hasn't been the same since each one of you stole a piece of it, and I know that you know there is no place on earth I would rather be than spending time with you!

Right about now I would normally say that I can't wait for 2011 and all the things it will bring, but I am going to start working on my New Year's resolution early. One word sums it up for me. Today. My goal for right now and all of 2011 is to focus on today and to enjoy it to it's fullest. I might not be able to change the quick pace that life brings, but I can change my focus. I am committed to concentrating on today and the moments it brings because I know all too well that they will never come again.

And because I'm saying thank you, here are a few of my friends. Thank you for encouraging my love of photography! It has not only become my favorite hobby, but it has also become a necessity. It brings peace to my heart, and I am grateful that you have allowed me to share that with you.


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