Thursday, December 30, 2010

This is How It Went

Christmas 2010. This is how it went.

Lou received Bendaroos, which she promptly opened. They were twisted and molded into every little thing her imagination could conjure up, and the creativity continues.

Seej was in heaven when she woke up to an extra large pile of books. Fablehaven, Percy Jackson, and Anita Stansfield books are all in line for her to crack open. The girl is a heavy duty reader. She also received Wheel of Fortune for the Wii. It's a word game, thus she is happy.

Doop asked for two things this Christmas. A four wheeler and a BB gun. He didn't get either one. Shocker since these are not gifts that a young man of his age should be operating. Instead he did get a Nerf gun, and he has used it well. He has shot everything from the tv, to the dishwasher to the piano to the ceiling. Good thing it only came with 6 little suction cups, or the entire house would look like an army tromped through here vandalizing our home. Doop also received a snow shovel for Christmas. Now I know this may sound strange, but the kid loves to shovel snow. I'm serious. He loves it. So why not take advantage of this fact and give him his very own shovel? This gift has been quite handy. Just today he helped me shovel the driveway. Well, he helped me shovel it for several minutes anyway. He did a great job until he decided that the flatbed trailer needed to be cleaned off just in case JM might need to use it. Right.

Now it's time to rewind a little bit. On Christmas Eve the girls each received a Zhu Zhu pet. Lou actually ended up with two. Neither one of the girls asked for Santa to bring them one of these things, but instead they each got one from Grandma Pat. We left her house with a total of 3.

Since that time Lou used her Christmas money to buy another one and so did Doop, which has brought our total to 5. Five Zhu Zhu pets have taken over my kitchen in less than a week. Two rock stars, and three plain janes. And get this, each one of them has a name. Here they are from left to right: Dezel, Spottie, Bamboo, Ryder, and Kingston.

They have raced around my kitchen floor through a road built out of blocks.

And not only have they taken over my kitchen, but the Littlest Pet Shops have also been kicked out of their domain. These little rats have taken over their humble abode as well, leaving them homeless and lonely.

Did I mention they have gas? These disgusting little creatures may not actually smell, but they sure do make lots of pretty gross noises. Especially Kingston. Maybe it has to do with his rockstar status.

I'm not sure if real hamsters act this way or not, but it has deterred me from ever wanting one in my house. These 5 are more than plenty to have around.

So to sum up our Christmas. Santa didn't need to come. The Zhu Zhu pets won the hooligan's hearts on Christmas Eve, and that's pretty much how it went.


Ashley Sisk said...[Reply to comment]

I really love how you've captured Christmas - it looks like you had a wonderful time. I hope you can live in each moment as beautifully in 2011. Hugs!

Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Oh how fun! I love all images, plus the punkins look they had a wonderful time!

ailinh harris said...[Reply to comment]
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