Saturday, January 22, 2011

Who She Is Becoming

Last week Seej and I had a baking adventure. Actually Seej did all of the baking. I mean all of it. By herself. I sat back to provide advice and assistance when needed, and of course had my camera in hand to document her process. I did this for two reasons. One was to practice shooting indoors and utilizing window light. It really is something I struggle with, and it's also something I really want to improve upon; however photography aside, the most important reason I wanted to photograph her doing this was because I wanted her to see herself. I wanted to show her not only how beautiful she is, but also that she is amazingly talented at so many things. My girl Seej has a hard time believing this about herself, and I worry about her. She is so young, and already so, so hard on herself. No matter what she accomplishes it just isn't ever quite good enough in her mind. It's hard for her to accept compliments and realize her value. It's painful for me to see her so upset with herself so much because I am truly amazed at the things she can do. It seems that she is a natural at anything she tries her hand at, and she is smart well beyond her age. Sometimes I wonder who she will become. I wonder where her talents will take her, and who she will influence in her lifetime. I wonder when the time will come that she realizes her great worth, and just how much everyone around her loves her because life just wouldn't be nearly as wonderful without a little girl named Seej in our home. It would be a lot less lovely, a lot less colorful, and a lot less serene. I hope she doesn't keep me wondering on that last concern too long, but in the meantime we will continue to encourage her. We will take small steps with her each day to help her see who she really is, and I will continue to enjoy witnessing who she is becoming.
These images are for her. I hope they will be a reminder to her that she is accomplishing amazing things for a girl her age. She is beautiful on the outside and she has a spirit that is equally as beautiful on the inside. A girl of light and truth. A girl with many gifts. A girl who serves others, and a girl we all love.
You have great value and worth Seej. Don't let anyone stop you from finding that feeling and holding onto it. Not even yourself. Thank you for spending the afternoon baking with me. It is a memory I will love to pull out and look back on in the future. Bringing me joy is just one more of your many gifts!


Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Your pictures are awesome, I strive to be so good!
I think your daughter will find her way because she has such a positive light in you to show her the way!!

Kandice said...[Reply to comment]

Your natural light photos are fantastic! You did a really good job!
Seej, you are beautiful inside and out. I know I only met you for a few hours on the photo walk but you were so much fun to hang out with and take pictures of. You are so talented. You've got me beat already, I'm not a good at all.:) Don't be too hard on yourself Seej, you are an amazing girl!

Rachelle said...[Reply to comment]

That apron is so stinkin cute! I just LOVE looking at your pictures. I can't wait to have you take some of our family. Let's do dinner soon (since you have so much free time, right?).

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