Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Translation Factor

We have this thing around our house called the "Translation Factor". Actually JM has this thing that he calls the "Translation Factor". Let me describe it for you. It goes something like this. I ask JM if we can fly to Michigan for our anniversary vacation this year (there happens to be a photography workshop from my favorite photographer ever coming up soon), and basically he tells me, "Um, no." Ok there were more words to this sentence than what I'm giving here, but I'm trying to spare you the gory details. :) Anyway, this is where the "translation factor" comes in. I translate his words to, "no I don't care about your passion for photography, so no we aren't going". It is true that we are not going (I am truly distraught about this ;). However, I do know that he doesn't think my crazy love of photography is dumb either. Now just for the record, I'm not the only one guilty of the "translation factor". My kids do it all the time. For instance, one of them will run downstairs to tattle tell on the other. I will tell them to be nice and tell the others if they don't start playing nice I will be coming upstairs to talk to them. The next thing I hear is the one who came downstairs to tattle quickly running back up translating what I said into, "Mom says if you're not nice to me you have to spend the rest of the day on your bed and you won't be going with us later when we do something fun". Ok, once again truth be told it's usually a much worse translation than this, but again, I'm trying to spare you the gory details. :) Even JM can be guilty of this at times, although he won't admit it. I will say he uses the "translation factor" (as he has so appropriately named it), much less than the rest of us. I think I'm getting better at "translating" less often and we are working with Seej to kick the "translator" completely out of her head, but it can be difficult sometimes not to immediately interpret things. I wonder if others have the same "translation factor" going on at their house. I wonder if others have a JM in their home to say, "Nice translation factor" when they have a rebuttal to a comment they have incorrectly translated. I'm going to assume that they do. Otherwise we wouldn't be normal. Again. And I'm not sure how I would handle that translation. :)

As we continue working on shutting off the "translators" in our home, there is one place that I will hold onto it. My translator is a perfect companion for photography. I have truly been having fun translating a given theme into an image. Here are a couple from this past week.

This one is for Creative Mama's theme- "loving the little things". The image had to include something small that had meaning to me. I opened my daughter's jewelry box and was reminded of when she was a tiny dancer. This necklace was given to her at that special time in her life. For me, a perfect "translation" of the theme.

And this one? This one is for MCP Actions 52 week project. The theme for the week is "open your heart". When I saw this theme, the lyrics to Madonna's hit song immediately streamed through my head, and I knew this would become my interpretation. I guess in the end it's good that I have a constructive place to use my "translation factor". I will try to only use it when I have my camera in my hand from now on, and not when someone (particularly JM) is speaking to me. :)


Ashley Sisk said...[Reply to comment]

I know all about the translator factor - happens all the time. Love these shots.

Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Wow! I thought my husband, the king of translation factor, invented it! I have the translation factor to the degree of 3 (one being least, 10 being worst)my husband and youngest son have it to the degree of 10 and sometimes 20!! The phrase I hear the most is 'so you're saying I'm stupid', to which I am shocked and say I did not use that word, I'm not implying it or hinting toward it. I am completely baffled at times, and amazed, at the translation! Sometimes I have to walk away, shaking my head, because I can not believe the translation that has just happened. So often times I have learned to speak with a filter, I say it in a way that can not be translated, takes twice as long but I have become good at it.
I love your photographs and the translations you make with them :)
PS: I hope that you can make it to the workshop :) My husband is truly not a fan of my photography habit, it is a source of dismay for me. Your photography is too incredible to set aside! It sounds like he has an appreciation of that, and that is a treasured thing my friend :)

Stacey said...[Reply to comment]

Oh yes. We have the traslation factor at our house too!! Love your tiny dancer shot.

And would that workshop happen to be Amy Wenzel's? I adore her and would love to attend one of her workshops. Maybe some day!

Thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on my blog! They mean a lot to me! :-)

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