Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Pathway

We are on a pathway in this house. It's a pathway of learning. I am finding that I have an opportunity daily to learn something new, and if I look hard enough there are opportunities to learn throughout the day. I can do it by being perceptive and watching others, or I can do it by taking actions that are sometimes outside of my comfort zone. I am learning that although it can sometimes be difficult to step outside of the box, that the risks are worth the knowledge and experience gained even when it's a little scary to take a leap of faith. It's part of the pathway. It's a part that I have avoided in the past, or just plain didn't acknowledge because I was running too fast to understand it, but I get it now. I'm grateful for all parts of the pathway and the privilege I have to learn.

Lucky for me I do not travel on this pathway alone. I have three hooligans and a best friend to experience it with me, and we are definitely learning together. I learn so much from them and the challenges they face, and they make me a stronger person because I just don't think it's fair to expect things of them that I'm not willing to expect of myself. This is how it goes. We live, we learn and we share and when I take time to sit back and look at it, the process is so amazing. They are teaching me every day, and hopefully I am teaching them in return. I hope that through this busy time in my life they will learn that sometimes there are sacrifices worth making, and sometimes faith will take you farther than you ever dreamed you could go, and sometimes miracles really do happen. These are things I know. These are things I have experienced. These are things I have seen. This has been part of my pathway not once, not twice, but so many times. These are things that we have shared together, and as intense as life has sometimes been, it has been worth it. I hope they will remember this part of our pathway and how special it has been. Sharing it with them has made all the difference.


Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Love your mission and the path that you're on. Your pictures are just wonderful, every time!!

PS: thanks for the comment on the rebud blooms picture, I get very excited when one of my pictures makes your comment list :)

andrea said...[Reply to comment]

What a wonderful post to read today. Just what I needed. And I love the pencil sharpening shot. :-)

Jean Smith said...[Reply to comment]

you are one of those people who is brilliant with having the deep and meaningful thoughts i wish i had and then you put it into words perfectly. love reading your posts and your images are SO lovely.

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