Thursday, April 21, 2011

When You're The Baby

My little man celebrated his birthday not so long ago, and when you're the baby birthdays are just a little bit different. Of course his birthday included the regular traditions that happen around this house. Like early morning singing from the rest of the hooligans to wish you happy birthday and start your day off right. Doop had actually woken up before the girls because he was so excited for the big day, but I told him to go back in his bed and pretend he was asleep so he wouldn't spoil the girls' fun and their opportunity to wake him up with their glorious morning voices. He obliged my request and even acted surprised when they entered his room. Shh... it's our little secret. :)

Another part of our regular tradition involves everyone climbing into the birthday bed to give hugs and start the day with a laugh. This expression for Doop is not pretend. He was a little "freaked out" that the girls climbed into bed with him. It's ok. It only happens once a year. :)

Birthdays at our house also include early morning phone calls from all of those who are not actually in the house when the party starts, but wish to participate in the fun. Doop received three calls in a row on his big day. Both grandmas and his dad called. He is loved.

Here is where the slight change up in birthday tradition happens when you're the baby. You see, my baby is growing up and frankly I can't stand it! I mean it. I just can't stand that he is getting bigger. I know someday I will get over this and happily send him on his way, but not yet. So, for Doop's birthday we did something a little different this year. It involved raising his right hand and taking an oath. I made him repeat after me, "I Doop promise that even though I'm one year older I will still hang out with my mom." He was ok with this part.

But then we continued..."I also promise to still hold my mom's hand." The girls got the giggles at this point and the eye rolling started. Lou even raised her hand to show him some support.

"I also promise to still kiss my mom, and tell her I love her." Yep, I was pushing things at this point. Look at that face. Priceless. ;) Even Lou could not look at me with a straight face, and Seej buried her head like an ostrich in the sand. She's at that age. Too cool for this stuff, which is exactly why I made my boy do this.

"I will still sit on my mom's lap."

"And I will still give her hugs. Every single day." Not so bad. He actually repeated all of the words. Even through the rolling of the eyes and the girls laughter. He promised basically that even though he is growing up that he will still be my little boy. My best pal. We'll just call it a reverse birthday present. It was his gift to me.

Once the oath had been sworn we returned to our regular birthday programming and got on with the day. We spent time with both grandma's opening presents. Grandpa Marvin's wheelchair ramp was the perfect place for him to race his new "mote" control car.

And we would never forget a special cake to celebrate with for birthdays at our house, and this year little Doop had a specific request. A white cake with white frosting and gummy bears all the way across the top. Gummy bears are not my favorite, but who am I to stand between a boy and his dream. So we granted his birthday wish, and I must say that those little gummy bears stood proud on top of that cake. They were like tiny guards watching over that white frosting, and they were absolutely beautiful when the light shone through them. Too bad they were the only part of the cake he actually ate.

All in all it was a perfect day. Oath and all little Doop had a wonderful birthday, and I'm so glad we all got to share it with him. I don't know what I would do without that little man. He makes me smile all the time and I love who he is. He gets away with a little bit more and I go a little easier on him, but I think that's just the way life goes when you're the baby.


Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

So hilarious! His eyes crack me up! They are beautiful though. Happy Birthday Doop!

Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Ohhh I love the oath, and the pictures are wonderful!! I love the girls expressions too, LOL, adorable!! Reading this made my day :) Love the pictures of mote control truck too, it reminds me of my son Nick, he still calls helicopters 'hemacopters'. I wouldn't trade that for anything!!
PS: thanks for the sympathy on the daycare thing, I've never experienced it before, both my boys were jump out of the car see ya kind of boys.

Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Oh and I think the gummies on the cake is genious! They looked really pretty, whimsical and they carried wonder light thru them!!

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