Friday, May 6, 2011

I Am Healthy

Today Statement #116:
Today I will be an example. I will be kind to myself and be happy with who I am. I will be aware of the things I say and the way I treat myself, because I have little girls in my home watching and learning from my behavior.

Today is International No Diet Day, and I pledge to have a greater awareness of loving myself. My daughter is in learning mode, and she is gaining tools right now that will help her in her future. She is learning to be healthy, and she is learning exactly what that means. This includes exercise and eating good foods, but most importantly it includes having a positive self-image. It means liking who she is no matter what, and it means not worrying about being "labeled". It means not letting others or the media influence her to be discouraged with the beautiful being she is. It means having positive thoughts and encouraging others to do the same. It means being kind to others as much as she is kind to herself because her words and actions could influence someone who might be struggling. It means being less aware of her measurements and more aware of her happiness and overall health. Being healthy is a challenge, but it's one that she's up to meeting. On this day I will be more aware of the way I talk about myself, and start forming better habits because in reality I am truly her biggest teacher whether I want to be or not. I hope you will all be kind to yourselves as well. There is beauty in each of us, and it's something we should celebrate. Today I pledge to be healthy.


Terri said...[Reply to comment]

I think playing sports helps a lot with body image because it helps us focus on what our bodies can do, hopefully less on how they look.

SuperDewa said...[Reply to comment]

I read this on flickr but I'm coming here to say how much I love it again.

SuperDewa said...[Reply to comment]

Terri -- sports can be a mixed bag. They can be great for the reasons you said as well as for some exercise helping our brains to work better. As kids get into the high school, however, can be a lot of pressure to maintain or get below a certain weight in order to better their game. I've heard of a lot of eating disorders being triggered this way, so it's something to be aware of as a parent (or coach).

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