Saturday, June 18, 2011

Care Bears and Cowboy Boots

I took my hooligans for a walk last week. Seej and I were exploring and Lou and Doop joined us on their bikes. On our way home Seej and I were lingering too long for Lou and Doop's taste and so they headed back to grandma's. Of course they raced the entire way, and Seej and I frantically screamed at them to get out of the road every time a car came by. When we finally arrived this is what I found.

My little man was drinking cool lemonade and telling JM about our walk. He was drinking lemonade from a Care Bear glass. Cheer Bear to be exact. I had forgotten about these glasses. I had forgotten that when I was young we ate at Pizza Hut once a week for 2 months trying to collect all of the Care Bear glasses they were offering. It was a big deal because of course the Care Bears were a big deal back then. It was exciting to see which glass we would get next, and still after all these years my mom still has them hanging out in her cupboard. My kids know who the Care Bears are. They watch them too. I think they like them almost as much as I did when I was a kid. I'm so glad that there are some things that don't change, and I'm so glad my mom has kept these glasses around for all of these years. The sight of Doop drinking out of this glass combined with his favorite cowboy boots is an image that will be stuck in my head forever. I hope it brings back sweet memories for him when he is older too.


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