Friday, September 2, 2011

Holding On

We took the pool down a couple of days ago.  The kids came home from school and had one last long swim and then we drained it for the year.  The kids ran circles around it as the water ran out, and they played and stuck around until it was completely empty.  I made sure I stayed to watch them splash around and play right up until the very last minute.  I often think about the times I stop throughout the day to savor the simple things that halt me in my tracks, but until now I haven't ever thought about my own kids doing the same thing.  As they danced and played in that water, I thought about the things they are still holding onto.  Some of their favorite things from summer are still things they are savoring.  Like Seej and her love of dragonflies.  I swear I have seen more of them this year than ever before.  As the pool drained it's water she was doing her best to capture a few more and marvel at their beauty.  They were still there resting in the late summer light, and she was happy to continue chasing them.  It has been one of her favorite things to do.  And Doop, well I'm sure I don't need to tell you that he got more than just his feet wet splashing around in the remnants of the pool.  He would have been much better to just keep his swimming suit on.  Instead I drove him home with wet shorts and a wet t-shirt.  He didn't need the pool to continue enjoying the water.  Lou did some savoring of her own.  Her routine throughout this summer has been to swim, and swim, and swim and then enjoy an orange creamy on the swing set.  Her routine continued on this day, but she ate this one just a little slower.  Slow enough that it was melting down her arm.  I think she was dragging it out on purpose.  She may continue enjoying the ice cream, but it won't be done following swimming in the pool.  Not until next year anyway.  It was nice to see them holding on.  It was nice to see them appreciating the summer and not wanting to let it go.  It tells me how much they enjoyed it, and it tells me that they have learned to hold on to good memories as well.  It's a lesson I'm so grateful they have learned.


Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Gorgeous bokeh in the first one. And the shallow depth of field in the second is just great. It's great how kids can really enjoy the small moments so well. Better than us adults. I could learn a thing or two from watching my son enjoy the moment. :)

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