Sunday, September 11, 2011

Roger That

We went on a short get away over Labor Day.  We went to one of my very favorite quiet places to spend some time with family and friends.  We relaxed, played games, and basically just took a break from the world.  It was very nice with one exception.  Doop and Lou busted out the walkie talkies on day one.  It seemed to be a good form of entertainment for them.  It didn't seem like there would be much harm in letting them play, but this continued.  For three days.  It went something like this:

Lou: (button pressed, pssht)- "Hey I'm outside.  Can you hear me?"
Doop: (pssht)- "Roger that."
Lou: (pssht)- "Ok.  Come outside then."
Doop: (pssht)- "Roger that."
Lou: (pssht)- "Are you coming?"
Doop: (pssht)- "Roger that."
Lou: (pssht)- "Why do you keep saying that?"
Doop: (pssht)- "Roger that."
Lou: (pssht)- "Quit it!  Stop saying Roger that!"
Doop: (pssht)- "Ok.  Roger something else then."

Seriously.  This is what we listened to again, and again, and again.  And guess what?  The "Roger that" talk has continued.  It's been a week, and still anytime I ask him to do something he replies, "Roger that".  Ugh.  

We did enjoy the beauty of this place though, as well as one another's company.  We smashed rocks and had a bow shooting contest, ate good food and enjoyed movies together.  It was worth all the times that we had to hear "Roger that".  I'm sure that saying will wear off of little Doop's tongue soon enough, but the memories we made will last forever.


Carol said...[Reply to comment]

I'm bokah on the blog!! Happy day. :o)

Mom of 12 said...[Reply to comment]

Who the heck is Roger anyway? Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Tracey said...[Reply to comment]

ok, that is kinda funny. Well, funny to a mom that didn't have to hear it all weekend!

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