Saturday, October 29, 2011


Lately I've been settling in.  I've been soaking up the beauty around me and counting my blessings.  They are abundant.  
Lately I've been basking in the fall light.  I've been roaming around in the early evening hours hearing the crispy sounds of fall and finding that gorgeous light that will be gone all too soon.
Lately I've been feeling gratitude.  For friends near and far, for experiences and learning moments, and for kind words from others.  I have learned to cherish them.
Lately I've been sharing.  Sharing a smile, sharing a thought, and sharing my perspective.  It is getting easier.
Lately I've been thinking.  Thinking about life, thinking about who I want to become, and thinking about how my choices affect those around me.
Lately I've been happy.  Happy in my home, happy in my progress with goals, and happy in my heart.
Lately I've been spending time with my family.  Riding horses, going on walks, and laughing so hard I hurt.
Lately I've been recognizing that life is good.  It is right where I want to be.


Kim Stevens said...[Reply to comment]

Marvett, this is one stunning photograph!!I can't even explain it, but I LOVE it!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!! Kim

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

these are all such great things you are doing lately. :) I especially like that you've been happy. Happy is good!

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