Monday, November 21, 2011

Books, Enough, and Firsts

Books.  14|30
Today I am grateful for books.  For the opportunity to read and enter worlds that I never would otherwise.  For the privilege that it is to read and understand the words.  For the things that I learn by doing so, and for the never ending books available to take me away when I am stressed out.  On this day I am grateful for this, one of my favorite pastimes.
Enough.  15|30
Today I am grateful for enough.  Enough food to eat, enough money to pay the bills, and enough clothes to get through the week before having to wash them again.  It isn't construed as glamorous to live and just get by sometimes, but right now I am so grateful for it.  It's not much, but it is definitely enough and that's more than some can hold onto right now.  For this realization I am truly grateful.
Firsts.  16|30
Today I am grateful for firsts.  First homes, first glimpses of a brand new baby, first steps, first words, first jobs, first kisses, first anniversaries, and first trips to Disneyland.  So many firsts that happen in our lives, and the repeat of any of these events is just not the same when done over.  Firsts leave a mark on our heart and our memory much more so than anything else, and today I am grateful for the opportunity to experience so many of them.


Kim Stevens said...[Reply to comment]

Beautiful thoughts - and you are so right, there is something so special about a 'first'!

urban muser said...[Reply to comment]

grateful for "firsts"--that's lovely.

Karli said...[Reply to comment]

**squeal!!!** (you know what I'm squealing about right)? LOL!

LOVE the first one too... ahh, the pool. Looks so relaxing! I haven't read a book in years, literally. I miss it!

Gorgeous photos!

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