Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Rose, My Mixer, and The Garden

Gratitude continued...
8|30.  The Rose.
Today I am grateful for the rose.  For the reminder it provides me of my inheritance.  For the legacy before me of those who also carry this name.  For their beauty.  For their courage.  For their example.  For their strength.  Today I am grateful to realize that they are a gift in my life, and following in their footsteps is an honor.  I am grateful for this flower and for the connections it reminds me of whenever my eyes fall upon it, and I am also grateful to share it's name.
9|30.  My Mixer.
Today I am grateful for my mixer.  For the teaching moments it allows me with my children.  For the way it brings everyone to the kitchen to lick the beater and the bowl.  For the reminders that it stirs in my memory of time shared in the kitchen with my own mom when I was a girl.  For the wonderful creations that it helps me to make.  Today I am grateful for my mixer.
10|30.  The Garden.
Today I am grateful for the garden.  For the time that we spent together digging in the dirt.  For the beautiful bounty that it has provided us with, and for the beauty we will continue to enjoy.  I am grateful for the garden and the things it has taught me throughout my lifetime.  That patch of dirt has been a wonderful teacher to me, and today I am grateful for it.


craftattacks said...[Reply to comment]

Oh, I am in love with these!
the colorful vegetables in the gray sink is perfect.

Ashley Sisk said...[Reply to comment]

Love each of these - such beautiful processing.

Kim Stevens said...[Reply to comment]

Wow, love these! I have been so in love with my rose bush I have been out every day with my camera - that one of the veggies in the sink is wonderful!

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Love the veggies in the sink photo! The colors, the processing! Love it! :)

Karli said...[Reply to comment]

Oh wow! You KNOW I'm dying over the sink photo! So glad I know the little secret - LOL! :-) Something about it...that mood, (huge SIGH). Just beautiful! And the rose picture, a beautiful mix of light and haze - WOW. Stunning.

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