Friday, November 25, 2011

Warm Baths, Convenience, and Peace

Warm Baths.  20|30
On this day I'm grateful for running water and warm baths.  My boy was up sick all night, and there just isn't anything other than your mom's arms than a bath to make you feel better when you're sick.  Today I'm grateful that this is something I have available to help comfort him when he's sick.
Convenience.  21|30
Today was day two of my little man being sick.  He has been throwing up.  In the day, in the night, and even in my bed.  It has been awful.  Just when we think he is better, he isn't.  So on this day we spent a couple of hours at the laundromat.  We spent time washing all the big stuff.  The things that won't fit in my machine.  As I looked around I felt gratitude for the convenience of my machine at home.  For the fact that I don't have to do this once a week or more.  For the convenience of walking downstairs and doing a load of laundry while working on other things and being at home the whole time to do it.  At the same time, I also felt gratitude that during the times I truly need to visit this place that I can.  That it is close to my home and available to help me clean things up and make them fresh and new again.  Today I feel gratitude on both ends of the convenience spectrum.  I'm grateful for this new perspective and for this day as a whole.  
Peace.  22|30
Today I am grateful for peace.  For the peace in my heart.  For the ability to make tough decisions and feel good about them.  For knowing myself and knowing my path and feeling good about walking on it.  More lately than ever I have learned to appreciate peace in my heart.  To search for it daily.  To hold onto it, and to take whatever risks necessary to find my way back to it when I allow it to slip away.  Today I feel a strong sense of peace and I am so grateful for it.
P.S.- I'm grateful for Oreos too!  ;)


Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

I think that feeling of peace is the best if you can find it. :)
I hope your little man is feeling better. The stomach flu is just the worst. They need a miracle drug for it. Something.
And those red Oreos look yummy!
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, friend!

Karli said...[Reply to comment]

Oh yeah, you can totally see your reflection in OUR bathroom floor too. (cough)

Seriously the cleanest bathroom I've ever seen!!

I'm so so so sorry your little one is sick! That is the absolute worst. Hope he's feeling better very soon! Two days is a loooong time for that. Ugh!

LOVE your laundromat shot. A friend of mine recently did a laundromat shoot; it was fantastic. I love the whole feel.

Oh! I just realized your post was from last Friday, so I really hope your family is back to perfect health! :-) Have a wonderful week!

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