Saturday, December 3, 2011

Photography, and My Best Friend

Photography.  29|30.
Today I am grateful for photography.  For the ability to be creative.  For the avenue it provides me to escape and relax.  For my muse and her willingness to pose.  Today I am grateful that my camera can take me away from the world and away from my worries to a place that is comfortable.
My Best Friend.  30|30
On this the last day of the Gratitude Project, I am grateful for my best friend.  For his kindness, for his giving spirit, for the father that he is to our children, and for his desire to do good.  For his hard working hands, for his smile, for his never ending memory of movie lines that always make me smile, and for the way that he loves me.  For the places he's taken me, and for the laughter we've shared.  For his strength in hard times and for his patience with who I am.  For his love of simplicity and the gift of friendship that he shares with so many.  For all of these reasons and so many more I could not have a Gratitude Project and not include my very best friend.


Kim Stevens said...[Reply to comment]

Your photos, awesome - your words, BEAUTIFUL!!
"for his never ending memory of movie lines", yep that's my husband too! ; )

And I too love my camera as a tool to so much understanding and thought about ordinary things in life and their meaning. I have been reflecting back on this last year on my blog, as my blogiversary is coming up. Thoughts about this coming soon to a blog near you-hehe!

Of all the blogs I read, I always feel so much love from here.

Love back to you Marvett!

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Gorgeous photo of your daughter. So nice of her to be your muse. :) And your words about your husband are just so sweet.
(I did get your Thanksgiving email. I'm just terrible at getting back to people!)

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