Thursday, May 17, 2012

While I'm Away

He spends lots of time here while I'm away.  Lots of time digging, lots of time watering, and lots of time learning.  I have been blessed with the best babysitters that a mother could ever ask for, and in the time that I'm away they teach him so much.  His grandparents each have a patch of dirt that he helps them to look after.  They have taught him the importance of gardening and the hard work it takes to successfully grow the vegetables that he loves so much.  They have provided him with his own tools, gloves, and the opportunity to work hard.  He is invested in watching the plants succeed, and he loves nurturing them.  He is often excited when I return to tell me the stories of how hard he has worked during the day.  He keeps me up to date on the plants and their progress.  He expresses his feelings not only about how much he enjoyed working in the garden, but also about all the things that he discussed with his grandparents while he was doing it.  I love to hear about the memories he is making with them.  I love hearing the extreme sense of value in his voice when he speaks of how much they appreciate his help, and the time that they spend with him.  I love that they take the time to teach him such valuable lessons, and I love when he takes me by the hand and leads me out to see the tiny plants peeking their heads up through the dirt.  I love the way his face beams with pride as I inspect his work, and I love watching him stand over the garden like a shepard watching over his sheep.  He loves this place, and he loves the time he works here with his grandpa and grandma.  It's what he does while I'm away, and I couldn't be more grateful.


Naomi said...[Reply to comment]

Awesome. Just awesome. This so reminds me of my mom and Owen. Gardening and digging in the dirt is all they do together when my mom comes to visit. (she is kind enough to help me garden because im a novice at gardening!). Owen gets SO excited when things grow. He is proud too. What awesome memories our boys will have! Beautiful pics as always!

E. said...[Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness he is a special kid! I love that he gets to spend quality time with his grandparents.


Carol said...[Reply to comment]

Disclaimer: this is one of those "old people" comments...

He is getting so tall!! He's starting to look like a little man.

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