Friday, June 1, 2012

New Memories

The garden is growing, and we have been spending more time there this year than we ever have in the past.  My new schedule affords me more time to tend after it's needs, and the hooligans are always excited for the opportunity to visit.  We spent some time irrigating this week, and giving the plants a good soak.  As the water flowed steadily down each row and I listened to it gurgling in the ditch I was transported back to my own childhood.  Back in those days my dad and I completed this chore together.  I remember slipping my own mucking boots on to wade in the water and stand right by his side.  I even had my own little shovel that I loved to lean on just like he did in the hot summer sun with sweat dripping from our brows.  He always let me have a turn to throw mud in the row to block off the water after the dirt had soaked in enough moisture.  I remember loving those days.  Just he and I talking, sharing stories, and occasionally falling in the water.  Those were the days that I loved.  Being able to share that experience with my own children is an awesome feeling.  I love watching them, and I love that they have the exact same ideas that I did when I was their age.  My dad was able to supervise our efforts this week from his new power wheelchair.  He sat at the end of the garden and watched as the kids quickly stripped their feet free from their socks and shoes and sunk their feet deep in the bottom of the water.  He told them stories of how I used to do the same thing, and he smiled as he watched them wade in the water and scrape mud from between their toes.  This familiar scene made my heart smile.  I am looking forward to more days like this one because we will be making lots of new memories just like this throughout the summer.  It's gonna be a good one!


Lisa McCully said...[Reply to comment]

Looks like it's going to be a bumper crop this year, woohoo!!

Naomi said...[Reply to comment]

gorgeous shots! your garden looks amazing! it puts our little one to shame, ha! :)

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...[Reply to comment]

GAH!!! You and your amazing composition! Seriously. Every SINGLE time you wow me. (Now I want a garden just for the pictures!!!)

Hope you have a wonderful week sweet friend!!!

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