Sunday, July 8, 2012

From the Dugout

From the dugout I see her.  I see her natural ability, and I see her walk with ease onto the field as if that patch of dirt is her second home.  I see her sense of comfort there, and as I do I find myself wanting to support her desire to play this game because her love for it is evident.  I see her walk onto the mound with confidence.  I see her face change, and I see it in her eyes.  I see her feel good about who she is, and I see her desire to do well.  I see the certainty in her body language, and I see how comfortable she is as she slips her mitt on her hand.  I see her quiet confidence, and I see her focus before she throws the ball.  I see her face when the taunting from the opposing team begins, and I see the fire in her eyes to prove that they will not shake her.  

From the dugout I hear her talk.  I hear her encourage her teammates, and I hear her gratefully say thank you for the support that they provide.  I hear her laugh, and I hear friendships in the making.  I hear the crunch of sunflower seeds, and I hear the chatter of the girls.  I hear the hollow sound of the bats dropping to the ground, and I hear the positive words that the girls say to one another as they prepare to take their place in the batter's box.  I hear the announcer call her name, and when the time finally arrives I hear her bat crack against the ball before she is off and running toward first base.  I hear the coach yelling instructions for her to head for home, and I hear the high fives that follow.
From the dugout I feel the heat.  I feel the sun pounding on my back, and I feel my heart beat faster as the intensity of the game settles on her shoulders when we get deep into the count. I feel myself wanting to stand by her side on the mound so that I can whisper in her ear that I believe in her and her talent.  I feel a smile break across my face when I see her remain consistent, when I see her stay tough, and when I see her be true to who she is.  I feel my hands clapping together for her and her friends when they run from the field because I have watched them do well, work hard, and have fun.  I feel my hand on her back as I tell her good work, and I feel the connection we have as she looks into my eyes.  

From the dugout I have gratitude.  For a game that is helping her to find out who she really is.  For ten other little girls who believe in her as much as she does.  For coaches who take so much of their own time to help her develop her talent.  For their genuine love for her, and for the difference that they have made in her life.  For the opportunity to watch her transform with my own eyes.  To watch her, to hear her, to feel the game, and to be there by her side through every single play.  The world is beautiful when I experience it from the dugout.


Terri said...[Reply to comment]

This brings back so many great memories. The dugout is the place to be.

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...[Reply to comment]

Oh friend.... you photos!!!!!! May I ask (and if not I TOTALLY understand!!!)... would you mind if I pinned this post? These are the exact shots I visualize in my mind when I go to Collin's games... I see all these amazing compositions in my head, but mine just don't translate as magically as your do. Oh wow... these are FABULOUS. You are seriously one talented gal!!! :-)

Karli @ The Bonnie 5 said...[Reply to comment]

*you photos
"your" photos - lol! :-)

Marvett Smith said...[Reply to comment]

@Karli @ The Bonnie 5 Thank you for your kind words Karli! You are welcome to pin the post. Thanks for asking!

Andrea said...[Reply to comment]

Reading this gave me goosebumps. I felt like I was there, peeking into her world. You are so wonderful with your descriptions. I love that she loves the game. I love her lucky socks. And the cute way her hair is tied back. And such great shots. This must have been fun to shoot and edit for you - her proud momma. :)

Tracey said...[Reply to comment]

Loved your words and your photos M. And I love the pink helmets. Where were they when I played in 6th grade?!

Life with Kaishon said...[Reply to comment]

Your little dugout girl is the best! : ) I am glad you are able to capture these fleeting moments of her childhood!

Kim Stevens said...[Reply to comment]

Oh I have been so bad about visiting since summer came, I'm sorry. I have missed your photos and your way with words....I adore the pink helments and LoVe the heart socks!! ; )

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