Sunday, August 26, 2012

It Came...

As much as I didn't want it to come around it did.  The end of summer knocked on our back door with a loud bang that I was trying hard to avoid, and all too quickly the kids were dragging me to the store to prepare for the first day of school.  It came when I didn't want it to, and even though I didn't want it to come, I was reminded by a very good friend that I don't need summer as an excuse to do fun things with my hooligans.  I have held on to those words, and we will definitely be making more memories.  We'll just be doing it with backpacks and homework in tow.  So here they are on their very first day.  My little "angels" headed off for new adventures.  I wish they would just stop growing up already!


Bobbidee said...[Reply to comment]

Holy cow, they have grown even in the last month, they seriously look different to me than they did in July. That is bizarre! So cute,that first pic of them is so awesome!

Naomi said...[Reply to comment]

Oh my goodness Marvett, so cute! Great shots. And like you, i am not ready for this school stuff!! Owen starts the 4th and im going to be a mess! Where did summer go?? Oh and ps...thank you for the sweetest blog comment ever. You sure know how to make a girl feel special :)

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

aww i know this summer has gone so fast.Marvett this photos are moments to remember and your kids are all beautiful.

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