Thursday, September 13, 2012

Find Laughter

A Thursday thought for you.  
Last weekend we went out hunting for frogs.  It was cold and it was muddy, and sadly we didn't catch any frogs.  It didn't matter though because we had a blast.  The wind whipped our hair, and we got our toes in the mud, and most of all we laughed.  Wherever you are in your life I suggest finding laughter.  It will indeed make you happy!


Lesa said...[Reply to comment]

I love this thought and picture! (Hope you don't mind me sharing it on facebook!)

Hope you have a good weekend!

Lesa said...[Reply to comment]

(I meant the thought, not the picture :')

Angelia Sims Hardy said...[Reply to comment]

Enjoying life...this photos exudes joy. Beautiful capture!

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