Friday, October 12, 2012

The Dark Side

The theme for this month for The Creativity Project is The Dark Side.  I have to admit that this one was difficult for me.  There just isn't anything about the dark that I really like.  Well, except for dark chocolate maybe.  I tend to gravitate toward beautiful light and color, so when the theme was presented I knew this one would be hard.  I did my best to capture some dark and moody images when I went walking recently, but as you will see it only lasted until I rounded the corner and then the world became bright and beautiful again.  I just couldn't help myself.  Before you judge me too harshly take a look.  The bright side was just so much prettier than the dark one.  I promise I'll do better next month.  :)  Head over to my friend Julia's blog to continue through the circle.  You won't be disappointed.


Sharon said...[Reply to comment]

Oh Marvett! I was really liking your B&W's but then those colors came and WOW!!!!!!! Who needs the dark side when there are amazing fall colors like that?!?!?

Maddy said...[Reply to comment]

I have to agree with you...I so love the bright side. Specifically, your bright side! Those last few pictures with all glorious fall colors are absolutely beautiful!

Buckeroomama said...[Reply to comment]

Exactly the same reaction as Sharon... I just went WOW when that first color picture showed up. Such bright, beautiful fall colors. Such bright, beautiful pictures!

Lesa said...[Reply to comment]

I was so happy to see your blog come up today with a new post! Fall is my favorite time of year so I really love the color photos, but the b/w are just as pretty, as well, in their own way!

Sandra said...[Reply to comment]

Lovely images!!!

Scarlett Hernandez said...[Reply to comment]

my kind of black and whites, beautiful hazy look and that gorgeous light on those leaves! love love love : )

Life with Kaishon said...[Reply to comment]

I love your images. Dark or light, PERFECT! You did a wonderful job! We sure are glad to have you with us bringing your creativity and outlook. You are a blessing.

Anonymous said...[Reply to comment]

PERFECT!! i love them...

Tracy P. said...[Reply to comment]


Kim Stevens said...[Reply to comment]

Your photos, no matter what theme, are just always awesome! So much mood and drama in the b&w's and wowza, then the colors! Beautiful!

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