Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Project

At the end of the school year my best little buddy brought home a cup filled with dirt.  He was a ball of excitement as he approached the front door after quickly hopping from the bus.  He was like a two liter bottle of pop that had been shaken one too many times and he was literally bursting to show me his cup of dirt and to let me know that he had planted two sunflower seeds that we needed to plant in the garden.  We have planted a garden for years, but sunflowers have never been on our list, so this was a new project for all of us.  I took him to our garden spot and he quickly found the perfect place to plant his sunflowers.  Over the next couple of weeks we checked on them regularly.  He was eagerly waiting to watch them grow, and it didn't take long before their heads popped through the dirt.  After that it seemed like they grew several inches over each night and soon they were towering above my boy's head.  He was so proud of the large stalks and the massive flowers floating on top.  I must admit that their beauty sucked me in each time I visited the garden.  I was drawn to the tall guardians of the garden every time, and I became as excited as Doop did to watch them bloom.  I even fought off the bees to photograph them on more than one occasion.  It didn't take long before their heads began to hang toward the ground, and soon the seeds were showing.  Needless to say Doop was thrilled.  He had done it.  He had seen his project through from start to finish, and it was beautiful to watch.  Not only the flower itself, but watching my boy quickly run to check on them each time we visited.  He believed from day one that they would turn into something amazing, and he was absolutely right.  This was the summer of the sunflower for him, and I know that he will be repeating this process again next year when the sun returns.  I'm grateful to have participated in this new project that he brought home.  It was beautiful.

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