Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Room 231

Took a trip away last weekend. It was all mixed up with so many different emotions. I watched my girl on the path to her dreams winning her first softball game of the year, and at the same time I watched my dad step into the dream of being on vacation. Something he hasn't done in over 10 years. Turning my head from side to side and seeing my girl smiling on one side and my dad laughing on the other was heavenly. They were both courageous this weekend, and I was thrilled to witness it. I couldn't help but be inspired by our room key, and I had to snap a shot. "The key to your dreams is in your hands." Those words could not be more true.


Julie said...[Reply to comment]

Wonderful memories shared, I am sure.

Katherine Vargas said...[Reply to comment]

Congratulations to sound like they had a wonderful time.

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