Sunday, July 28, 2013


Back on the 4th of July my Lou wanted to participate in the local chicken chase. There were literally hundreds of kids that joined in and only a handful of chickens so I figured what could the harm be. I never thought that she would walk back after the chaos ensued with a chicken cradled in her arms. That is exactly what she did. I swear she is a real live animal whisperer. They just seem to love her, and this is definitely the case with her new chicken Colonel. He seems to think he is a dog. He follows her around the yard, he whines at the back door when she comes inside (no kidding), and he climbs into her lap when he's feeling insecure. I've never seen anything like it. I guess when he starts barking I will really worry. In the meantime if there are any chicken experts out there, feel free to weigh in on if Colonel is a he or a she. It would be a good thing to know. :)


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